The Process: 3 Easy Steps



During the consultation, I'll tour designated areas and we'll discuss your frustrations and identify problems. We will set priorities, discuss your vision, estimate completion time and coordinate our schedules. When estimating completion times, it's important to note that the process is heavily dependent on the clients abilities to make decisions regarding purging and storing belongings. For that reason, there is no guarantee of completion time.


Sort and Purge

In this stage we will work together to take an inventory of what you have. We will sort out what will be kept, donated, discarded, etc. I will remove and deliver any items that are not to stay in the home.



This is the fun part! This part can be done together, or if you prefer, I can do it all by myself. I will solve the puzzle and create homes for everything in the "keep" pile. The space will then function harmoniously with how you use it. Your belongings will be organized in a manner that is easy for you to maintain to ensure longevity.